Fine aggregate concrete pump series

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Fine aggregate concrete pump series
Electric Control System:
1. The electric control box using,Y-△soft starting mode, to avoid the impact of grid when it is starting, programmable controller make the circuit simplified, performance reliable. The safe voltage wording lamp is convenient for construction and maintenance at night.
2. Wired Remote Control,easily operated.
Hydraulic System:
1. With double  pump system, using single pump sequence circuit, pusn system ana aisinoution system in sequence action.With the exact design, and ensure the system efficient, low consumption.
2. Suction filtration technology is adopted to avoid the foreign body into the hydraulic circuits. It not only improved the reliability of the system and also greatly prolonged the service life of the system components.
3. Independent forced air cooling system main circuit system with forced cooling, can better adapt to the environment, to ensure the hydraulic system oil temperature in the normal scope of work.
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