Concrete mixer pump

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Concrete mixer pump
Concrete pump is common equipment in large building built,the bridge construcition and tunnel construction, Concrete mixer is a small civil specifically for concrete pump,a very high degree of automation,together with the collection of material, mixing, high-pressure pump,it can save a lot of labor costs,simple operation and stable performance, using the German elephant hydraulic pumping system.Equipped with Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Korea and Japan,Germany
Berson hydraulic valves,Siemens control,France Schneider Electric,our product has reliable quality,low failure rate,but also improve the overall reliability of the machine,make sure agitation concrete mixer under harsh working conditions and strive foolproof.
Mixer pump has wide range of applications,lt can used to transport construction concrete,greening soil,foundation grouting piles and sludge.The results of mixing equipment,high-performance system configuration: pumping strive to ensure zero.
The fault adopted advanced S-valve reversing,to meet delivery of concrete. Glasses plates and cutting ring use carbide materials and have a longer life,higher outlet pressure to meet the high-rise buildings and long-distance transport.The use of hydraulic cooling water cooling effect is good,easy to use,with anti-pump function to minimize clogging pipes,with manual lubrication system to ensure the life of the drive,control cabinet with a wired remote control.
Mixer pump’s advantage: the efficiency can reach 4-6 times of traditional fixed mixers and concrete pumps.
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