Thank you very much us or use the company's products. The company's products to customers to make the following commitments:
One of the first,two in place,three guaranteed.
A First:Customer satisfaction is the company's first goal.
Two place:spare parts in place,good service.
Three guarantee:guaranteed free training for users operating personnel,our technical staff on-site to track a month;
ensure customer information and comments one hour to respond or repy;eight hours to ensure customer service staff in place in the province, Foreign customers forty-eight hours of service personnel in place.
To implement three warranty period, and the implementation of life-long service.
Three bags:refund, replacement .warranty.
Refunding:indeed pump itself within a month of purchase major components(such as the main oil pump,cylinder,pump main valve body integration,etc.) damage,the equipment can not be repaired using.
OZ:Users within three months of purchase major components of the pump does not work properly confirmed by the service,replacement and damage to the device.
Repair:free service during the warranty period from the date of purchase the pump from the purchase,maintenance,still according to price the buyer accessories and technical services provided after the warranty period.
The company will be quality products,escellent service,plenty of spare parts dedicated to the general customer service.
Users are welcome to products and services for their valuable comments and suggestions.
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